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Life is full…

Life is full. So, I’ve not been able to continue with regular weekly podcasts as I have for most of the past year or so.  It doesn’t look as if that will be a possibility for a while, yet.  So, I invite you to catch up with podcasts that you may have missed.  Just scan the pages below for those episodes.

In the meanwhile, I have two new projects which are about to be finished.  I will be posting podcasts of these projects with extended excerpts from both of them in the program.  Between them, these two projects will represent five new books for your listening pleasure.  Stay tuned.

This is a hiatus week!

Sometimes, life just interferes with the best laid plans for the week, doesn’t it?  This week has been that way.  I have taken on the duties of a tax preparer (I used to work for the IRS).  In getting up to speed for those duties, I don’t have the physical time to complete a podcast this week.  So, I’m declaring a one-week hiatus!  Check back next week as we take a look at a re-release of another book, The Swaddling Clothes.  This book is currently available for download at CD Baby and will soon come to and the iTunes store.  Maybe next week, I can announce that this book and another have dropped into the audible library!  Check back then!  See you on Wednesday!!!

#86-December Gift-Away (For the Ladies 1)

december-gift-away-2016It’s the holiday gift-giving season.  You’ve had the opportunity to empty your wallet over and over again in the last week.  Now, I’m offering a gift to you – free audio books!  Each week, I’m giving away 10 audio books.  Listen for the trivia question and answer the question correctly.  The first 10 correct responses will receive an audio book of your choice from the Narration by George library.  Plus, I share some samples from books you might be interested in listening to.  This week, I focus on three romance novels from Regina Puckett.  Join me and get a free audio book!


#79-Spooky Stuff

Slimmer Amazon coverDo You Want to Play a GameJust in time for the spooky fall month of October, I have four tales of terror produced for author Regina Puckett and available on  We review those four tales in this podcast.  Check out why you’ll never look at a diet the same in Slimmer. Party games turn deadly in Do You Want to Play a Game?  Jeremy has a debt he owes in Payback.  And Destiny is desperately looking for her daughter in Crying Through Plastic Eyes.  Listen for the samples.  Payback coverCrying coverEach book is available at and in the iTunes Store.  (Look below for links to each book!) And listen during October for give-aways for each book!


#74-Other Worldly Stories #1

Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

Last week, we spend some time looking at a science fiction novel for which I’m in the middle of production.  I made a Facebook comment about “other worldly stories” and got response that was above the norm.  So, this week, we start looking at three “other worldly stories” that I have or am producing.

This week features a distopian earth around the Chattanooga area.  Seasons of Change, by Michael Gardner, tells the story of a group of people seeking to avoid being enslaved after the economy collapses.  I play excerpts from the book and share a little of the story with you.


#48-The Book That Has It All (#2)

Knighthawke-NEW-WEB-ICONKNIGHTHAWKE--VS-NEW-WEB-ICOLast week, I started looking at a book with everything in it. Knighthawke, by Jerry Minchew, features action/adventure, a search, romance, humor, and even science fiction.  It’s sequel, Knighthawke: Vanishing Shadows, takes the adventure even further and adds an element of international intrigue.  In this podcast, we take a look at the sequel with a story-line recap and some enticing examples.  Enjoy!

Links in this week’s podcast include

It’s Break Time

Happy-New-Year-2016The Narration by George podcast is taking a break this Wednesday.  I’ll be back in the New Year of 2016 with all new podcasts.  We’ll talk to authors, talk about books, express spiritual ideas, and more.  Next week, a conversation with an exciting new author.

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The Roman’s Quest Interview – part 2

Anne Baxter-CampbellRomans Quest cover 1DSCF1381-WEBThis week, I conclude my interview with Anne Baxter Campbell and Trish Horner about the latest Narration by George Audio Book release, The Roman’s Quest.  Anne is the author of this very fine novel.  Trish was the narrator for the female characters and the female point-of-view narratives.  In today’s podcast, Anne interviews Trish and me.  We talked about the novel and about the faith in God that is evident throughout and central to the book.  You’ll hear examples of everything mentioned.

Here are the links mentioned in the program:

Helping Hands Press

The Romans Quest

Here Among the Ruins – poetry by Regina Puckett

#28-Surviving Perilous Times

jesus-teaching-in-templeMost of the time we read passages like Luke 21 in light of an end-of-times narrative.  However, I think that Jesus’ hearers – his disciples and apostles – would have heard this narrative in a different way.  Jesus was preparing his disciples with instructions for survival in perilous times.  In their day, Jerusalem was going to be destroyed, the church was to be scattered through persecution, and disciples would be killed.  How would they get through those times?

In many ways, our times are not so different.  There is persecution for believers in Jesus – some that leads to death.  Churches are in trouble for various reasons.  And times seem to be getting more difficult.  How to God’s children cope?

In this podcast, I go back to Jesus’ instructions for His first followers from Luke 21:5-36.  Let’s hear Jesus’ words as they might have heard them, not as an end-of-times narrative.  What do we learn of coping in perilous times?

#16-Hear Now Festival, Impressions and Samples

Barbara-Rosenblat & George Taylor at the Hear Now Festival of 2015

Barbara-Rosenblat & George Taylor at the Hear Now Festival of 2015

We’ve just returned from a week away attending the Hear Now Festival in Kansas City, MO.  HEAR Now is the audio equivalent of a film festival for contemporary audio story-telling in all its forms: live and scripted solo performances, multi-voiced performance, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and much more.  In this podcast, I share my impressions on the festival and share some samples from the participants in this festival.  (No, these samples don’t come from this festival, but from other sources.)

I mention several web-sites in this podcast.  For your convenience, here are the links you may want to peruse:

Hear Now Festival

Meta Book


Right Between the Ears

Marideth Sisco

Other sites you may wish to book at:

Firesign Theater (Legendary audio theater group)

Shots in the Night (Kansas City based radio theater)