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#91-Looking Back, Looking Forward

What did we do in 2016?  What’s coming for 2017?  That’s the subject this week as we look back and look forward.  I play samples from some of 2016’s audio book releases.  And I summarize our schedule for the coming year. It’s a full one!  Join me for the review and the preview.


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#86-December Gift-Away (For the Ladies 1)

december-gift-away-2016It’s the holiday gift-giving season.  You’ve had the opportunity to empty your wallet over and over again in the last week.  Now, I’m offering a gift to you – free audio books!  Each week, I’m giving away 10 audio books.  Listen for the trivia question and answer the question correctly.  The first 10 correct responses will receive an audio book of your choice from the Narration by George library.  Plus, I share some samples from books you might be interested in listening to.  This week, I focus on three romance novels from Regina Puckett.  Join me and get a free audio book!


#77-Coming Attractions

warren-amazon-coveravatars-of-web-surfer-cover-crop-sma-man-called-rat-amazon-coverAmazon coverIn today’s podcast, we’re looking forward.  If you’ve checked my Coming Attractions page, you’ll see that there are a number of books listed there.  Just what am I going to be working on in the coming months?  I seek to answer that question in this podcast with samples from three of the books asGame CoverPayback coverCrying coverwell as some comments about others.  There are romance stories, horror stories, a couple of sci-fi novels, and a steam punk offering.  Join me as we take a look at what will be available to you for download in the coming months.


#71-Books That Go Together #6

Loves Great Plan_CoverWe close out our series of Books That Go Together with a look at the latest production in the Warren Family Series, Love’s Great Plan.  In this book, we meet David and Charity’s son, Coty.  He is police officer who shoots a teen in self-defense.  While he is fighting his demons after the shooting, will he allow Amanda help him?  Or push her away? Does Love’s Great Plan include a life together for Coty and Amanda? Or not?

So, how about a free book this week?  Send me a message via Facebook or Twitter or e-mail.  I’ll send you a copy of one of the three Warren Family books that I have recorded.  Just tell me which book you want.

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#70-Books That Go Together #5

Concealed in My Heart

Concealed in My Heart

Songs That I Whisper

Songs That I Whisper

This week we move from multiple stories about individuals to stories about a family.  In a series of five books, we meet the Warren Family.  The first book I produced for Regina Puckett, Concealed in My Heart, tells the story of the romance between David and Charity Warren.  Songs That I Whisper introduces us to the first of their adult children Suzette and her beau, Seth Black.  We examine and sample both of these books in this podcast.  Next week, we’ll look at the other books in the series.

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#66 – Books That Go Together #1

Knighthawke-NEW-WEB-ICONWe start a new series today in “Books That Go Together.”  Sometimes a story is so good that it cannot be told in just one novel.  It must spread across to a second, maybe a third, maybe more.  Think of the Lord of the Rings series, for example.  I have recorded several books which fall into this category.

Today I focus on a book which covers the life of an extraordinary young man named Michael.  Since this covers his life, it had all the elements you might want to see in a book – mystery, adventure, romance, and even some science fiction.  And that is just in book one.  Listen for some samples of a wonderful read.

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#62-Coming to Narration by George

Slimmer Amazon coverAmazon coverThis week, we look at two books which have yet to be released.  But, I give you a sneak peek at them with fully-produced samples for listening.

I venture into the horror genre with a short story from Regina Puckett, Slimmer.  This book is complete and will be available in the next week or so on audible.com and the iTunes store.

You’ll also hear a sample from the third book in a Michael Miller science fiction trilogy, Second Earth, M-104.  The first two books are available now from audible.com.  This book closes the trilogy with a visit to an earth like planet.  Come take a listen to the preparation for this journey.

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#50-An Interview with Regina Puckett

Regina PuckettMy 50th podcast features the first author who entrusted me with a book for production, Regina Puckett.  I interviewed her to talk about her about her award winning books, writing, her future projects, and the Warren Family. The Warren Family?

The Warren Family is a series of five books revolving around various members of the same family.  I produced the first two of the series with a third under contract now.  Regina and I talk about these characters and the way I’ve drawn these characters vocally.

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#49-Sweet Romance from Regina Puckett

New Cover

Concealed in My Heart

Songs That I Whisper

Songs That I Whisper

I’ve produced first two of the four novels in the Warren Family Series from award-winning author Regina Puckett.  This week, we take a look at those two novels, Concealed in My Heart and Songs That I Whisper.

Join me as we meet Charity Warren, the ingenue picked from her college drama stage to appear in a major motion picture. Concealed in My Heart is a story of friendship turned to a life-time love.

Then we are introduced to Suzette Warren, the artist commissioned to paint a portrait of the up-and-coming country star, Seth Black.  Since neither are interested in a relationship, they find attraction to each other.  What will happen next?

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#47-The Book That Has It All!


This week we take a look at the first of a trilogy which has everything in it.  Looking for adventure?  How about romance?  What about humor?  And, then, there’s science fiction.  These are only the genre’s I talk about this week.  Next week, I’ll cover some more.

The book? Knighthawke, by Jerry Minchew, is a book like no other.  It’s well reviewed. And it was a ton of fun to produce.  Listen to some samples and see if you won’t get hooked on this amazing tale!

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