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#51-The Sixth Lobe


The Sixth Lobe CoverThis week’s podcast is the first of three podcasts featuring books by author Michael Miller.  This week’s book, The Sixth Lobe, is the first of two telling Danny Wilson’s story.  In this book, we meet 10 year old Danny and discover that he has an additional lobe in his brain.  With this lobe, he is able to read the sub-conscious thoughts of those around him.  This presents problems for the child; while some adults with nefarious goals decide that this is a useful ability to tap into.  This conflict leads to an amazing climax.  Listen to some samples from this book in this podcast.  (Next week, we’ll meet the adult Danny.)

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#41-Giveaways, Audiobooks, & Carols #2


lobe & matter

Breaking Dawn – poetry by Regina Puckett

Cyber December is still going on at Narration by George.  Have you gotten your FREE audiobook yet?  If not, some details are on this podcast!  We also take a look at a pair of exciting action novels by Michael Miller.  The Sixth Lobe and its sequel,  Born To Matter, tell the exciting story of a young man with some usual mental abilities.  The poetry of Regina Puckett is also sampled.  And the podcast closes with a look at the Christmas Carol, O Come, O Come Emanuel.

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#20-41 Audiobooks in 41 Days #2


Get Caught ListeningLast week we started a celebration of the privilege I’ve had to voice 41 audiobooks over the last couple of years.  I’m continuing this celebration this week with the second installment of this series.  We look and listen to excerpts from seven more audiobooks presented in mostly alphabetical order.  Here are the links for this week’s books:

The Sixth Lobe, by Michael Miller

Born to Matter, by Michael Miller

Breaking Dawn, by Regina Puckett

Colony Zero, Volume 1-Contact, by Travis Perry, Mark Venturini, Mark Carver, Tracy Krauss, Shannon Laws, Grace Yee, and Lisa Godfrees

Concealed in My Heart, by Regina Puckett

Faith and the Law, by James Griffin

Fifth Wheel, Volume 1-Gracies Gift, by Michele Huey