A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol

I am proud to announce a new production of the timeless classic tale of restoration and renewal by Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol.  Come listen to my take on the character of Ebeneezer Scrooge, all the Christmas Ghosts – past, present, and future – and the characters who have helped to shape the life of Scrooge up until this Christmas Eve.  Trish Horner assists with female voices.  A fun tale with a great message.

Now available as a download!

This story is also available as an audio play. Like an old radio show, you’ll hear actors portraying the characters. A narrator and sound effects to take you deeper into the story. Just click here to listen to this story FREE.

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ACC 1-Scrooge Descriptions ACC 2-Scrooge & Nephew ACC 3-Scrooge's Charity copy ACC 4-Marley in the door knocker
Who is Scrooge? Merry Christmas from Scrooge’s nephew Scrooge’s response to charity Jacob Marley haunts a door knocker

ACC 5-Marley visits scrooge ACC 06-Marley's Charge ACC 07-Scrooge & Ghost of Christmas Past ACC 8-Scrooge and his fiction
Jacob Marley visits Scrooge Jacob Marley’s charge Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas past Scrooge’s fantasy

ACC 9-Fezziwig's Party ACC 10-Scrooge meets Ghost of Christmas Present copy ACC 11-Crachit Christmas mea ACC 12-Scrooge meets Ghost of Christmas Future copy
Fezziwig’s Party Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present A Cratchit Christmas Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Future

ACC 13-Scrooge at his grave ACC 14-Scrooge wakes up
Scrooge at his own grave The reformed Scrooge