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As the son of an author/artist father and an author/actress mother, I inherited a love for the written and spoken word.  It is my passion to bring words to life; to make them meaningful to the listener; to have them express the most meaningful feelings, concepts, and actions.  I do that with my voice.

I have spent my adult life communicating ideas and concepts, teaching about products and ideas with positions in sales, sales management, retail management, and customer service.  I’ve done this for major and minor corporations and for the U.S. Government.

Now, I provide voice for Christian authors by producing audio books and creating characterizations for video production. With a voice that is expressive and dynamic, soothing or powerful, accented or not, it is my job to make your words come alive. I seek to:

  • Voice the books of Christian authors; books of all types – fiction, non-fiction, children’s.
  • Create voices and characterizations for video productions which teach and motivate adults and children in their walk with Christ.
  • Provide narration for documentaries which teach and advance the cause of Christ.

I’ve participated in audio-book coaching from:

  • Barbara Rosenblat: Considered to be the “Meryl Streep of Audiobooks”, Barbara coached me in a live reading from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.  I’ll never forget her words, “Milk it!”
  • P.J. Ochlan: I participated in one of his coaching seminars on a little bit of everything in audiobooks.

If you are an author, I invite you to give me a hearing.  Listen to the words I speak and imagine your words in my mouth.  If you’d like me to read your material, I would be glad to audition.  Feel free to contact me.

May God bless your writing for His purpose.

If you are producing any other type of audio/video project which requires voice, I invite you to contact me so we can discuss your needs and my abilities to satisfy those requirements for your project.

I’ve produced books for, Helping Hands Press, and the Christ Clubhouse Channel.  Samples of this work are found on HERE and HERE starting with my demos (to the right)!

How may I help you in your work?