Who is George?

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_DSC0245Born in Alabama, I was a gypsy for much of my life. I’ve been privileged to live in amazing places from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, FL, and even Minot N.D! I now make my home in the Chattanooga, TN area. I came here in 2000, and with the exception of a short sojourn away due to family responsibilities, this has become my adopted home town. (Check it out here.)

I have been a communicator all my life. Starting with theater in high-school and college, I have worked with people through sales and sales management or customer service positions for my entire professional life.

I am married with one son and a step-daughter and two granddaughters and a grandson on the way!

Apart from the grandkids, I have three main interests:

The Bible

As a follower of Christ and a teacher for teens and adults, I love the Bible.  Here are some of the resources I use in study:


I spent over 25 years in the photography business is one form or another and carried a camera around my neck for over 50 years.  It started with a darkroom and camera given to me when I was 10 years old.  I still love to shoot and stay caught up with some the fascinating and exciting developments in this exciting field.  You can find my work on my flikr page, at Fine Art America, and 500px.

Check out my little brother’s photography web-site as well:Paul Taylor Photographer


I grew up around great music – mostly classical. While I continue to love classical music, I’ve branched out into jazz and rock.  But, I always come back to classical.  Chattanooga (my home town) is home to some amazing musicians of all genres.  Here are some folks that I love to promote:

  • Artisti Affamati is a local group of singers who have stepped into an operatic void in my fair city.  With who outstanding productions behind them there are more exciting things to come.  (What does Artisti Affamati mean?  Check the web-site!)
  • The Chattanooga Symphony and Opera continue to amaze an inspire with stunning performances of great music.  I have been privileged to sing with the CSO Chorus in both operatic and choral masterpieces.
  • The Roueche Chorale is a interdenominational choir formed with the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Christ through music.  I have been privileged to be the narrator each spring for the presentation of Colors of Grace and to sing with the Chorale for the Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols at Christmas.  A wonderful organization and experience.
  • WSMC radio is our classical station booming a powerful signal featuring great music to our area.
  • Thanks to the internet, I get to enjoy great jazz on WUCF from Orlando, FL.  Best all around jazz station I’ve ever heard.