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#60-Meet Mr. Holmes & Dr. Watson


A Study in Scarlett CD coverThis week’s podcast is the first of two which samples from my latest in the Narration by George Classics series: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet.  Not only does this story introduce us to Holmes and Watson, but we learn how they met and came to team together.  We also get a look at the process by which Holmes brings his deductive process to the science of crime detection.  This mystery takes us from the streets of London to the desert and mountains of the American West.  Join me for the beginning of the journey!

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#19-41 Audiobooks in 41 Days


Get Caught ListeningThis week we are celebrating the privilege that I’ve had to voice 41 audiobooks in the last couple of years. If you’ve followed my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you’ll have seen a title: 41 Audiobooks in 41 Days. Each day of the week, I’m featuring a different audiobook – presented largely in alphabetical order. (There are variations for books that are part of a series or a holiday happening. )

In this podcast, I play excerpts from the books which have been featured in the past few days. This is something we’ll do until the 41 Audiobooks in 41 Days ends sometime in August.  I hope you find something that will tickle your ears!!! Enjoy!

#15-The Hear Now Festival, Kansas City, MO


Kelley Hazen


Rozanne Devine

Hear-Now-Fest-Mark-Twain-we Next week, I will be participating in the audio equivalent of a film festival.  Hear Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival is the only festival of its kind in the U.S.  It features contemporary audio fiction including: live and scripted solo performances, audio theater, audiobooks, audio art, classic radio drama, sound design, and much more.  Kansas City, MO hosts this festival this year from June 11-14.  The festival is featuring a celebration of the works of Mark Twain.  Actresses Kelley Hazen and Rozanne Devine and I will be appearing on Thursday evening to read excerpts from three works of Mark Twain.  I will read from Huckleberry Finn; Kelley will read from Tom Sawyer; and Rozanne Devine will read from The Diaries of Adam and Eve.  In this podcast, I feature an interview with actress Rosie Devine, information about Kelley Hazen and readings from all of us.

#2-Interview with Ebenezer Scrooge


A Christmas Carol CoverIf you were to talk with Ebenezer Scrooge, what would you ask him?  I imagined that scenario and sat down to interview the changed man we all know and now love.  Listen as he recalls his scariest and happiest moments in his encounter with four spirits.  And he leaves us with a little sage advice!