#27-The Roman’s Quest


The Romans Quest coverIn The Roman’s Quest, by Anne Baxter Campbell, we meet Centurion Julius who has eyes for a young Jewish woman, Miriam.  Miriam also has eyes for Julius, but a Roman is not who her father intends for her.  Miriam is a pious Jewish girl, determined to do the right thing by her God and her parents, and she bows to her father’s wishes to betroth her to a Jewish fisherman, James ben Zebedee.  Her heart yearns for the Roman; his heart yearns for her; but their love is impossible.  Miriam’s mother lies close to death, and her last wish is to see her daughter wed.  The marriage has to take place before it’s too late.  Woven through this story is the presence of a new prophet on the scene; a man called Jesus.

Listen to some extended excerpts from this novel.  The audiobook is coming soon from Helping Hands Press.

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