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#11-Historical Novels


DOI #4-CoverLet Freedom Ring coverHistorical novels provide us with information, drama, interesting settings and fascinating characters.  Not to mention, that we actually can learn something of actual events.  In this podcast, I examine and play samples from two of the historical novels which I have recorded.  From the days of the founding of our country, we’ll ask the question, “Would you sign?” from the Declaration of Independence Series.  From the troubled Civil War era, we’ll watch the surprising actions of a sutler in Murray Pura’s series, Let Freedom Ring.  John Hancock was written by Joseph Max Lewis.  The Sutler of Petersburg was penned by Joy Ross Davis.

A special note about this podcast.  You’ll hear authentic music from Revolutionary War times and Civil War times in the background.  From Revolutionary Times, you’ll hear the ballad “Free America.”  From Civil War times you’ll hear, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “The Bonny Blue Flag”, and “Shenandoah.”