The Roman’s Quest

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by Anne Baxter Campbell

Centurion Julius has eyes for a young Jewish woman, but a Roman is not what her father intends for her. Miriam is a pious Jewish girl, determined to do the right thing by her God and her parents, and she bows to her father’s wishes to betroth her to a Jewish fisherman, James ben Zebedee. Her heart yearns for the Roman, but their love is impossible. Miriam’s mother lies close to death, and her last wish is to see her daughter wed. The marriage has to take place before it’s too late.

Narrator and actress and my good friend, Trish Proctor, joins me to create this story. She says:

“I’ve been blessed to play many roles in my life – theatrically, professionally, personally. Marion DSCF1381-WEBthe librarian (The Music Man), Fruma Sara (Fiddler on the Roof), Vera (Smoke on the Mountain), Reuben’s wife (Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), teacher, therapist, daughter, wife, mother. But the role I have been the most blessed to play has been that of daughter of the King, younger sister of Jesus of Nazareth. When George asked me to be a part of this project,  I could never have foreseen the blessings available, not only for me, but for all those who hear it. As you listen, it is my prayer that Adonai bless & keep you, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you & give you His peace.”

Listen to excerpts from this book in my Podcast on this novel, #27-The Roman’s Quest and below:

Reviewers say about this book:

  • Filled with appearances by familiar Bible characters, A Roman’s Quest paints a picture of what life may have been like during Jesus’ earthly days.  A very enjoyable read with provoking thoughts. Life is full of choices, and who we should listen to. -Always Reading
  • Events from the Gospels provide a background for this clash of customs and should prove inspiring to readers as, despite hardships and complications, love conquers all. The Roman’s Quest is a good debut novel which is a testament to faith and love. -RM
  • Anne Baxter Campbell has a knack for taking you back in time and bringing characters to life. -FL
  • The story offers a nice look into what life was like when Jesus began His ministry.  Anne Baxter Campbell does a wonderful job of setting the reader down into the ancient city of Jericho.  Grab your clay pot and head for the well… there is a story to be told. -PT


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