The Name of the Hawk

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Legion, Volume 1

by Murray Pura

Name of the Hawk cover

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No one knows anything about him.
Not where he’s from or who his mother and father are.
Not even the beautiful woman at his side, or the community of men and women and monks who have raised him from a child know his real name or what is in his heart and soul.
But one fateful day, when he cries out to God and God answers, the darkness sees Hawk for the first time.
And it sets out to destroy him before he rises up in the power of God and Christ to fulfill his destiny.

Readers Say

Wow, what a great story!! _KG

Come with me back to a time when God and faith were uncommon concepts…when the holy life was intense and the strength of one’s authority was a mystery. –JAL

The captivating writing style drew me into the story right away –MB

Coming soon from Helping Hands Press.

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