Summer in Sweetland

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Volume 3, Never Too Old

by Kathi Macias, Anne Baxter Campbell, and Sue Badeau

Summer in Sweetland cover

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Celia and Homer Evers have their hands full with six adoptive children of their own, one of whom is in Juvie accused of two crimes. Still, their hearts go out to teenagers in a group home who would love to have forever families and to the other teens incarcerated at Juvie—along with the Juvie teens’ parents. Will the Evers’ desire to help and their faith be enough to surmount the hurdles to helping?

In 24 hours, this book hit #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Release in a number of categories, including Adoption.

The story may be fiction, but it rings true to the point I had tears streaming down my cheeks. -CM

This is heartwarming story of what God can do with people who are willing to be used by Him, and have open hearts. -KCG

I love this story and love the people who live between the pages. Sue Badeau, who is herself a social worker, tells a gripping, believable story with characters to believe in. -PP

I think this book is a great summer read – full of love and hope. -B

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