Sisters Divided

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Volume 1, Wings

by Joy Ross Davis

Cover-webWhen Keeva and Maeve, two angel sisters trying to earn their wings, are sent on their first mission, they meet a pair of sassy elderly twins, Lucille and Martha, who live across from them. Trouble begins when one of the angel sisters sets her sights on the handsome grandson of the elderly duo, Chef Nick Barber. On the most important day of the chef’s life, angel sister Maeve decides to wreak havoc in his restaurant. Sweet sister, Keeva, does her best to clean up her sister’s chaos, but can she do it in time to save the reputation of the renowned TV chef? And, will she be able to save the sassy elderly twins from possible death? It will take more than angel power to unite these four sisters in harmony and to keep them all alive.

REVIEWERS SAY (5-star rating)

If you like elegant writing without profanity, erotica, smut and gratuitous wasted space — I wish the story would have gone on longer! This is not a religious, doctrinal book, but the characters are ‘good’ angels, not truly evil. –JAL

The creative and gifted Joy Ross Davis has delighted us once more with this, the first part of Sisters Divided. Two young angels, fresh out of their academy, are in search of their wings and have many challenges to accomplish in order to be worthy of them. The story is very entertaining, has some richly drawn characters, situations and, of course, leaves you wanting more. –JPV

Very well written. The characters entertain and tease the reader into wanting to know more about the parallels and motivations behind two sets of feisty twins. –KD