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This issue is the first installment of an exciting new long-term project.  I’ll be recording the entire Bible (New Living Translation) and providing a summary of each reading before each scripture passage.

Every day, you will hear four or five chapters, always a mix of the Old and New Testaments. All individual Bible chapters, as well as the Bible books, have a unique and short introduction to help to better understand what you are about to hear. Our program has a setup of five days of listening in a week, so you will be able to easily catch up when you missed a day of listening. You can listen to this program during the work days, for example on your way to work or college. Your daily portion will take about 20 to 30 minutes a day.  

Volume 1 contains four weeks of Bible reading, leading you through the whole book of Genesis, the first 20 chapters of Luke and the first 15 Psalms.

This is a trial balloon. If you, the public, buy this audiobook, we’ll continue with producing the rest of the scriptures for your consumption and edification and education.

The author of the commentary is a pastor for a congregation in the Hague with a desire to reach the world for Christ.  You’ll appreciate the insights before each scripture reading.  They’ll help you know what to listen for.

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