God, Me, and a Cup of Tea

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by Michele Huey

“A cup of inspiration, a spoonful of encouragement, and a generous outpouring of the milk of God’s love” is what Michele Huey serves up with these devotional readings. With poignancy, humor, and refreshing honesty, she opens her heart and her life, using everyday experiences to show the abiding presence of a God who loves us beyond what we could imagine and who wants to be a part of our lives. Based on Scripture, each reading, taken from her award-winning column, God, Me & a Cup of Tea, challenges you to recognize God in your everyday life. Approach each devotional with expectation—and with a cup of tea at your elbow.



“Michele Huey’s gift is to take God’s word and translate it into deep-in-the-trenches, real-life solutions for our everyday problems. In her devotions, she takes us by the hand and shows us how to turn our stresses into joyful nuggets of wisdom that keep us going day after day. Michele helps us grow a rich tapestry of faith spring, summer, fall, and winter.” – Patricia Lorenz, inspirational, art-of-living writer and speaker, author of 11 books and top contributing writer to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books

“I need a voice like Michele’s to speak to the seasons in my soul. She’s honest, practical, and inspired. I love her style.” – Virelle Kidder, author and conference speaker

“Michele Huey reaches into the heart of every man and woman with her down-to-earth approach to spirituality.” – Judith Ferencz, reader

“Michele has the ability to look at life reflectively and to write personally and powerfully about the God who loves us and wants to be a part of all of our lives.” – Rev. Greg Tibbs, Michele’s former pastor


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