Fifth Wheel, Vol 1: Gracie’s Gift

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Fifth Wheel, Volume 1

Gracie’s Gift

by Michele Huey

Gracie Allen is content with her life as a housewife. Her children and grandchildren are nearby. She has the freedom to set her own schedule, keep a spotless house, tend her flowerbeds, and make time for her art projects. But when her newly retired husband announces he wants to put their home up for sale to buy a fifth wheel so they can spend their retirement years traveling, her secure, snug little world is turned upside-down. She’s confronted with more than having learn to live with him 24/7 in “a tin can on wheels.” If she wants her forty-five-year marriage to survive, she has to decide which she loves more: the things that make her who she is—or the man who provided them.

I was surprised to become so quickly engrossed in this story. -Rachel M.

What a treat this story turned out to be! If I didn’t know, I’d swear the author knew my parents… -CW

 Now available at Helping Hands Press.

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Michele Huey
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