A Mended Heart

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A Mended Heart

Rosary Meditations on Forgiveness

by Patti J. Smith

Forgiveness is very important step in our faith journey and also the most difficult. We are affected every day by hurtful events and regardless how grievous the offenses, forgiveness is imperative. We have all been hurt by others, witnessed hurt or caused it ourselves. If we are not open to forgiveness, these hurts will fester and imprison us in a world of hopelessness, grief, resentment and anger which, in turn, distances us from God.

A Mended Heart focuses on forgiveness of family, friends, attitudes and those lost in a world of perversion and crime and addresses those offenses that we have buried deep within our souls; secrets we have protected for years. This devotional offers a way to open up our hearts and ask for God’s mercy on our offenders, which in turn will lighten our life and remove the roadblocks on our journey.

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Reading this book felt like a conversation. -GS

An inspiring read to all who seek forgiveness and who are trying to forgive. -BCG


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